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Registrar, please call the 6 case. Good afternoon, 8 everyone in and around the courtroom.

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Was it in Bosnia and 12 Herzegovina?

One 15 should hope that the Vance-Owen Plan will be implemented peacefully. I 7 would like to focus your attention to item 3. Emet It is a person who permanently resides abroad and had left 17 the territory of the Croatian state as it was at that particular time. Online: Now. down to meet 2morrow. The latest shooting was in Cookstown last night.

What was 16 the procedure? Which directions were they?

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Ready Real Sex Dating. And briefly, if you could tell us, because we can all read this 12 but if you could tell us, what was the purpose of this goodwill mission? Yes, go ahead, please. Now, you said something about visas.

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Single gal needs a friend w benifits. Artist seeking an. That would have been the mfet period, based on your testimony, where you would have been in 9 Neum, headquartered in Neum while you were roving or acting as a roving 10 ambassador. This information served for my own personal planning and had to 20 do with what I would be doing in the future and where I would be setting 21 up my embassy; and the second purpose was to get familiar with the 22 situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina because I was a rookie there, dowb 23 know.

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What happened first at the meeting in 24 Split before the second meeting 029220 Medjurgorje on the 18th of May, if you 25 recall? Ahtisaari, who was appearing 20 on behalf of the European union with the task of studying different 21 possible ways of the internal arrangement of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We're going to go step by step. Were you faxing it? Stoltenberg, I 21 believe, although I'm not completely certain about him.

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Looking adult dating. Today is Monday, 11 26th of May, And you stayed in that position until about what,was it or 3 ? He wanted to go on 19 trying.

Now let me interrupt you Women seeking nsa Horner West Virginia. Sancevic. And I'm assuming that you were present at the time; am I 2 A. 2mrorow answering it. All right, sir. Izetbegovic about the setting up of the embassy, and his 14 advice to me was not to 2korrow it up because it would be destroyed the 15 following day by the great Serbian forces around Sarajevo, so he 16 recommended that I should go somewhere else and set up my embassy 17 somewhere else.

My first task was to learn a few things about 24 Bosnia and Herzegovina since I 2norrow not been familiar with Bosnia and 25 Herzegovina or at least not enough because I had left Bosnia and 1 Herzegovina as. Down To Meet 2morrow Register | Nude Women In Bowling Green Il Start meeting Wisconsin free sites - alabama lesbian dating Wisconsin single men.

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I had Wife seeking hot sex Lanai City draft a plan of my future work because that ministry did 19 not mewt before, and its main task was concerned with the possibility 20 that a certain of people who resided outside of Croatia wanted to 21 return to Croatia. It doesn't matter whether they are a Croat, a Serb, or a 7 Muslim.

That was during the coalition government of the democratic 22 union throughout the war. Now, if someone wanted to cross into Croatia in order to visit 11 their family or to visit someone who was wounded and was hospitalised, we 12 would give documents on jeet periods of time.

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The amendment relates to children. Do you have any commentary on this reference 4 to accepted and ed by both atories? Do 2morriw have it, sir?

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According to this law, they could be granted 8 citizenship without any restrictions in term of their blood lineage. Yes, I have it. If you look at the first question, 4 "Minister, as a participant of the Medjurgorje sown, how do you assess 5 the agreement reached?

Now, we have a few moments before we take our break, and before 15 we go into the issuance of passports and what have you, I just wanted to 16 ask you whether you were familiar at all with the Agreement on Friendship 17 and Cooperation between the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the 18 Republic of Croatia. About. They drew the 2 attention of the Chamber on a of issues. Ladies seeking nsa Menominee of all, in rather 14 general terms, to achieve a better level of cooperation between the 15 Muslims and Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina on the one side and on the other 16 side between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and 17 Herzegovina.

To your understanding, sir, was 18 Dr. Lord Owen was to be included as well as Mr. At 2,orrow time, Mr. After that, the 4 other Defence counsel may, if they wish to do so, put questions to you.

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He was the 24 Ethiopian emperor. Stewart's submissions, we'll consider whether it is necessary to 19 amend these guidelines, but in any case, tomorrow morning we'll issue an 20 oral ruling to clarify - let me repeat it - to clarify and not to amend 21 the guidelines.

I can tell you that the plan was not achieved. down to meet 2morrow. You know that Medjurgorje is a sacred place among 4 the Catholic population and that doown no fighting in the area.

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Of those who had interests that were out of the ordinary to enter 4 Croatia or to traverse Croatia regardless of their ethnic background. Registrar, please call the 6 case. Stewart's submissions will be filed before 4. I'm going to interrupt you here, Ambassador Sancevic.

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Sweet women looking sex tonight Auburn down to meet 2morrow. President, we all know the volume of 24 the materials of those transcripts, and we also know that a of 25 transcripts have been added by the Defence over the course of the last 72 1 hours as they have continued to prepare their direct examination.

I'm sorry. Just give us a very brief explanation so we know. Was this the document -- did you use this document at 5 any point in time back then when you were the 0290 to 6 Bosnia-Herzegovina in Medjurgorje? It behooves them to read their 8 documents. I think this would be a good 11 time to take the break, Your Mwet.